Water is the Elixir of Life in Hawaii

If – like many city dwellers around the globe – you hail from a “dry” place, you might not be aware that your life is missing some vital H2O. And no, we don’t mean that you’re dehydrated (although that’s another good thing to work on, if you don’t get your two liters a day!). If the radius of your daily life doesn’t reach as far to include a natural body of water, you’re the inhabitant we speak of.

Water, along with fire, earth and air, is one of the classical elements that was pegged as a pillar of the mind-blowing diversity of life in antiquity. It goes without saying that water is essential to life: it gives the cells in your body their shape and health, it blesses the planet with its wonderfully blue colour and has so many beneficial, purifying properties that it’s impossible to list them all. Without it, we wouldn’t be here.

So if you’re not lucky enough to live by the soothing sea or a picturesque lake, take a leaf out of Hawaii’s book and come get your annual dose of hydrotherapy here at Hilton Waikoloa Village.


The Marvels of the Pacific Ocean

Want to know the secret to everlasting beauty while tapping into a wellspring of free healing? Bathing in the sea is the simplest way to enjoy what the ocean has to offer. Taking a dip has been proven to alleviate or cure a vast range of ailments, from superficial skin scratches to joint pain.

Hawaii is an archipelago of islands situated in the world’s largest ocean. There’s no better place to experience the wonders of the Pacific, which laps up every inch of Hawaii’s shore and is home to the most advanced and diverse aquatic ecosystem in the world. Whales, dolphins, porpoises and sea turtles all live here!

Hawaiian beaches aren’t just your typical white-sand postcards – you also get gold, red, black and even green sands beneath the rolling waves. Palm trees included, of course! The rich natural resources of Hawaii combine with the saltiness of the ocean to tickle your body and senses back into a fabulous equilibrium.


A Hundred Magical Waterfalls to Discover

Did you know that there are around 100 waterfalls in Hawaii? From the historically significant Rainbow Falls on the Big Island (the waterfall’s cove is rumored to be the site of the burial of King Kamehameha’s father’s bones) to the impressive sight of the evergreen Akaka Falls (climbing to an astonishing height of 420 feet), there’s enough flowing water to keep you coming back for more every year.

Many of these freshwater falls were worshipped or revered by natives for their natural splendour and the alluring lifeline they provided to the surrounding landscape. Many Hawaiian waterfalls can be experienced as the standout feature of a hiking trail or coastline walk, and you too can slip into the crystal-clear waterfall pools and bathe like a nirvana-seeking native.


Our Very Own Lagoon Teeming with Life

Our sprawling resort is built around a tropical seawater lagoon, so even the adventure-shy in your group can still enjoy the perks of Hawaiian H2O without venturing too far out of their comfort zone. What’s more, the rugged lava coastline framing the lagoon keeps the water nutrient-rich and supports the wellbeing of the marine creatures residing in it.

Take your body for a lagoon treatment and tone your muscles with hydro-bikes, kayaks, paddleboats, or water bikes. Say hi to colorful reef fish and green sea turtles or dive into the underwater world while snorkelling. If flapping around in the water isn’t your thing, let the ocean breeze caress your hair in a hammock and sample an exotic cocktail and marine-inspired snacks from The Lagoon Grill.

If you’ve got kids in tow, give them the gift of play with our bottlenose dolphins in the lagoon while they learn thing or two about conservation and how to protect the Earth’s marvellous marine heritage. And if you prefer swimming in a pool, there are three unique ones scattered across the resort, including a secluded, adults-only pool, one adorned with waterslides, whirlpools and all things fun, and a special one for families of three or more.


And if you go back home with a new sparkling glow, tell your family and friends… There’s something in the Hawaiian water!