Birds and botanics to look out for in Hawaii

In a land of extremes, Hawaii is so much more than a mere land island. From volcanoes to rich nature, Hawaii offers a wide variety of climate zones and geological regions.

Listening for bird species in Hawaii at sunrise is worth waking up for. Many species have evolved only on the Hawaiian Islands, including game birds and songbirds. For nature lovers, tie this in with the abundance of greenery, and you’re trip to Hawaii can be so much more than a beach vacation. We’ve put together a list of unique birds and nature destinations to look out for on your visit.

#1: Hawaiian Black-crowned Night Heron

Hawaiian black-crowned night heron

With red eyes, a black bill, and yellow-green legs, the Hawaiian black-crowned night heron is a unique bird mostly sighted when flying or roosting in trees and shrubs. When water levels are low, you might catch a glimpse of the heron standing motionless along the water’s edge waiting for fish.

#2: Scarlet Honeycreeper

scarlet honeycreeper

These striking birds are unalike between species - they can resemble finches, hummingbirds, parrots, warblers, or woodpeckers. They currently have a vulnerable conservation status, partly as a result of climate change. They’re incredibly diverse songbirds with a unique curved beak and bright red feathers.

#3: Nene


This endangered Hawaiian goose is exclusive to the Hawaiian Islands and is the official state bird. The nene is the world’s rarest goose and their coloring is distinctively grey and black. As herbivores, you can often find these birds grazing on grasslands and searching in shrubs.

#4: Hawaii Tropical Botanical Gardens

Hawaii tropical botanical gardens

For those of you interested in the botanics of Hawaii, take a visit to this unique tropical nature preserve and sanctuary. The Hawaii Tropical Botanical Gardens is a museum of living plants, perfect for photographers, gardeners, botanists, and nature lovers.

#5: Maui Garden of Eden

Maui garden of eden

Experience the natural beauty of Maui at this 26-acre garden of unique colors, rare flowers, and sweet tropical aromas. Find breathtaking ocean views and Maui’s finest nature trails. Make sure your camera batteries are charged for the unlimited photo opportunities.

#6: Plumeria Flowers

plumeria flowers

When visiting Hawaii, you’re sure to find the plumeria flower. This highly fragrant flower blooms freely from spring to fall in various colors like white, yellow, pink, and red.

Whether you’re seeking rare plants or want to try your hand at birdwatching, our resort acts as the perfect base for your Hawaiian nature adventure.