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Hop on and explore Hawaii’s breathtaking surroundings the green way.

You’re in charge of your adventure. Ride down to LAVA LAVA Beach Club or enjoy the scenery of Hapuna Beach State Park.

Spinway Grab-and-Go Bicycle Rental

Rent a bike in under 60 seconds and get ready to roll. See attractions your way, with rental options of 1, 4 or 8 hours.

Call 808-278-5050 for more information.

Rental Location & Prices

Bicycle Rental

Rent a Bike

Automated bike rentals are easy. Insert your card. Grab a bike. Go.

  • Insert and withdraw a valid credit card

  • Select a rental time period

  • Accept “Legals” by pressing “#”

  • Enter your bike’s rear plate number

  • Withdraw your selected bike within 60 seconds

Return a Bike

After a day exploring, simply return your bike to the hotel’s rental station.

  • Align the bike with the lock

  • Walk the bike forward until you hear an audible “click”

  • The green light will illuminate once

  • Pull the bike back and find it securely locked

Bicycle Rental Guide